Do not force chiller running once it has alarm!

The chiller control system has kinds of protetion and relevant alarm to remind user or techician STOP CHILLER & CHECK THE PROBLEM.

But mostly they ignore the alarm, only reset the alarm and continuously run the chiller, but that will lead big damage sometimes.
1. Flow rate alarm: if alarm shows water flow problem, that means the water circulated is not enough, if continously running, that will lead evaporator icing, especially PHE and shell and tube type. Once it starts icing, evporator might be broken and gas leaking will again leads low pressure alarm, and continously, if the chiller not stopped on time and let out water, the water will running into gas loop, that means chiller might be fully broken, compressor might be burned.
2. Low pressure alarm: once this alarm happened, that mostly because of gas leaking. Chiller should be stopped immediately and let out wate fully from the chiller system. Check according to manual accordingly. Because this might leads same problem as flow rate alarm; If leaking point is not touching with water, that will not lead big problem. Fix it according to steps in the manual;
3. Compressor,Fan or Pump overload: If the overload alarm happend, stop chiller and check the wiring connection first. It might be loosen because of long distance delivery or long time running. If not fix the problem, it might lead parts broken.

Still other alarms to remind you the chiller is not comfortable because of the problems, just like human body, once you feel something wrong, you should go to see a doctor and get the right medicine. Otherwise, condition may go worse.

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