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General Description

HTS-W water cooled screw chiller is suitable for medium-large scale industrial cooling or HVAC, widely applied in central cooling project in plastic factory, chemical factory, etc. 


Small installation area required, no need for ventilation.

Design features

-Water temperature range 5ºC to 35ºC.  

-Bitzer semi-hermetic screw compressor.

-4 grade capacity control, 25%-50%-75%-100%.

-Shell and tube evaporator, high efficiency and cleanable(plat type available on request).

-Shell and tube condenser with adequate heat exchanging surface.

-Refrigeration solenoid valve, to protect compressor when stop.

-Refrigerant sight glass, to further monitor the refrigerant status in the system, so to check the unit running status.

-Siemens PLC control, overall monitoring of unit running status.

-Multi-protection devices to make sure the chiller and the equipment running safety.
-Schneider electrical components.
-Danfoss/Emerson thermal components.

Unit Safety Protection

-Compressor internal protection
-Over current protection

-High/low pressure protection

-High discharge temperature alarm

-Over temperature protection 
-Flow switch for both chilled water and cooling water
-Phase sequence/phase missing protection
-Anti freezing protection 


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