Cooling Tower

Design features

-Professional design: Pursuing the new concept of environment protection, adopt new technology development, over all upgrading materials of cooling tower components, these make the cooling tower with high efficiency and max cooling load, water saving ,low noise, high strength, easy installation and easy maintenance. The cooling tower is widely used for kings of area with high requirements.

-Enclosure structure :polyester glass steel, with light weight, high strength corrosion resistant, anti aging, long service life.

-Air duct: Kinetic energy recovery type, reasonable air distribution with high efficiency.

-Fan: aerofoil epoxy-(coal)tar blade, features big air flow, high efficiency, low noise and corrosion resistance.


Direction for use

1.Pump option: please consider the condenser water presser drop ,and valves resistance and local resistance ,also the height of throat tube of the cooling tower;

2.Atmosphere P=994000Pa, Wet ball temperature t=28℃

a. Standard condition: Water inlet temp t1=37℃,water outlet temp t2=32℃

b. Middle temperature condition: water inlet temp t1=43℃,water outlet temp t2=33℃

C. High temperature condition: Water inlet temp t1=60℃,water outlet  temp t2=35℃

3.Environment Option for installation

a. Installed on top of the building or place with good ventilation, and keep distance tower and wall;

b. Avoid film  blocked ,tower should not be installed in place full of soot or dust;

c. Pay attention to the distance when two or more cooling towers installed together;

4.Key points of Installation

a. Foundation should be horizontal ,and center line of cooling tower should be vertical to horizontal plane ,otherwise water distribution and balance of motor will be affected;

b. Bear for water inlet and outlet should be installed for capacity above 175TON;

C. When two or more cooling tower use one pump ,balancing pipeline should be added between water basins;

d. Inlet and outlet connections should be connected with soft materials.



Comprehensive service

-Processional Team: Engineering team with average 15 years of experience in industrial refrigeration, sales team with average 7 years of experience, Service team with average 10 years of experience.

-Customized solution always supplied according to requirements.

-3 steps quality control: incoming quality control, process quality control, outgoing quality control.

-12 months guarantee for all products. Within warranty, any problem caused by defects of chiller itself, service offered till the problem solved.


Five advantages of HERO-TECH

•Brand strength :We are the professional and top supplier of industrial chiller with 20 years of experience.

•Professional Guidance:Professional and experienced technician & sales team service to the oversea market, offering professional solution according to requirements.

•Fast delivery :1/2hp to 50hp air-cooled chillers in stock for immediately delivery.

•Stable staffs :Stable staffs can ensure stable and high quality productivity. To ensure high quality service and efficient after-sales support.

•Golden service :Service call response within 1 hour, solution offered within 4hrs, and own oversea installation and maintenance team.


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