Water-cooled Low Temperature Screw Chiller

Product introduction

Unit main parts include Semi-hermetic screw compressor,oil separator,condenser,economizer,evaporator and control system.

If you have a need for reliable low-temperature cooling for your industrial application, we have the equipment you need. Our scroll chillers are currently used around the world to guarantee a vast range of processes for many leading companies. We can create custom chilling solutions adapted to your specific cooling needs and find ways to add value to your process with our reliable and efficient low-temperature scroll chillers.

HERO-TECH products are designed to help lower environmental impact with next-generation, low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants and high-efficiency operation.


Design features

-Coolant temperature range from 5ºC to -40ºC.
-High efficient semi-hermetic twin-screw compressor adopted,high COP steady performance and long service life.
-Compressor stepped capacity control,minimize starting current and impact to grid.

- 4 grade capacity control, 25%-50%-75%-100%.
-25%-100% continuous capacity control,ensuring compressor full performance,saving running cost for customers.
-High accuracy touch screen and imported PLC controller adopted.
`Multi-protection function:compressor discharge over temperature,motor over temperature,anti-freezing,over current,phase sequence,high/low pressure,flow switch.
`Mass storage PLC,allows permanent reservation of more than 100 fault records,precisely monitors unit running state.
`Pass word setting,avoids unit from shut down or damaged by accidental factor.
`Control components including thermal expansion valve, solenoid valve,check valve are supplied by international brand,ensuring steady and efficient running under wide range of working condition.
-Units are completely tested and operated at full load,leave factory with refrigerant,can be start once water and power is connected.
-Compressor with built-in exhaust pot silencer ensures low noise running.
-Corrosion-resistance water system upon request.

-Refrigerant option:R22,R407C,R404A.



HTSL series low temperature screw chiller is widely adopted in manufacturing process in industries such as

non-ferrous smelting / chemical / pharmaceutical / petroleum chemistry / grain and oil / food and beverage / mechanical / electric / air separation

Food Processing

To guarantee the safety and consistent quality of frozen foods, food processing companies need low-temperature cooling day in and day out. Our low-temperature screw chillers have been put to the test in a range of food-related applications, including:

  • Fast freezing of prepared food and meals
  • Storage of food ingredients before use
  • As part of disinfecting and antibacterial cleaning

Medical Processing

Certain medical fabrication processes and storage requires reliable cooling to guarantee safety and effectiveness. When cooling failure isn’t an option, you need a low-temperature scroll chiller you can count on for:

  • Transforming various medical ingredients and compounds
  • Manufacturing highly sensitive medicines
  • Storage of medicines and human tissues for surgery
  • Testing of new drugs and procedures in extreme cold conditions

Product and Material Testing

Many types of clothing, materials and equipment need to be tested to -35°C temperatures. Our low-temperature industrial scroll chillers can be used for a wide range of testing applications, such as:

  • Automotive and transport equipment verification
  • Fabric and cloth cold temperature resistance and protection
  • Plastic, rubber and metal strength at freezing temperatures
  • Cold temperature performance of coolants, oils and fluids



Dependable, versatile, high-efficiency cooling.

HERO-TECH chillers deliver value to a wide variety of applications with enhanced energy-efficiency options.



Comprehensive service

-Processional Team: Engineering team with average 15 years of experience in industrial refrigeration, sales team with average 7 years of experience, Service team with average 10 years of experience.

-Customized solution always supplied according to requirements.

-3 steps quality control: incoming quality control, process quality control, outgoing quality control.

-12 months guarantee for all products. Within warranty, any problem caused by defects of chiller itself, service offered till the problem solved.


Unit Safety Protection

-Compressor inner protection,

-over current protection,

-high/low pressure protection,

-over temperature protection,

-High discharge temperature alarm

-flow rate protection,

-phase sequence/phase missing protection,

-low level coolant protection,

-anti freezing protection,

-exhaust overheat protection


Five advantages of HERO-TECH

•Brand strength :We are the professional and top supplier of industrial chiller with 20 years of experience.

•Professional Guidance:Professional and experienced technician & sales team service to the oversea market, offering professional solution according to requirements.

•Fast delivery :1/2hp to 50hp air-cooled chillers in stock for immediately delivery.

•Stable staffs :Stable staffs can ensure stable and high quality productivity. To ensure high quality service and efficient after-sales support.

•Golden service :Service call response within 1 hour, solution offered within 4hrs, and own oversea installation and maintenance team.


Not all chillers are created equal. For efficient cooling and long-lasting performance, you can depend on HERO-TECH of Cooling Products for all your cooling needs.

HERO-TECH always present qualified, best and solution based service.



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